.-. I want to draw something for TheWhatIf on dA. SO IF YER READING THIS, ANDY, STOP. OR SHOULD I SAY STAHP xD 

Im thinking maybe someone in the rain.... I dunno. But Ive been listening to Louder Than Thunder over and over. Nonstop, basically. Sooooo.... Yeah. Im only writing this cuz I want to have an entry per day. 

I got a PokeFarm account! :3 Its CometShard. As usual xD Cept for dA, I had to use MaiCometShard, CometShard was taken. Aaaaaanyway.... School tomorrow. Almost over, though! X3 Last day is the 24th or 25th, I lost track xD 14 days on Friday.... Hmmmm... 28 Is report card day... Oh yeah! I have a couple new charas! Miika (Me-ka) and Shaon (Shay-own). Theyre formless, meaning theyre Cometas... I have to draw them twice. So, Miikas either mute or wont talk. No-one knows. Shaon is his only friend. :3 Both are male, fifteen, I think. 

Oh, and I wrote a story. Should I post it here?