Concrete pump what little coal mine explosion The following specific analysis of concrete pump raw material selection steps: 1, coarse aggregate: coarse aggregate maximum particle size depends on the delivery tube diameter. Aggregate and delivery tube diameter ratio should be 1: 3 (gravel) or 1: 2.5 (pebble). Choose other coarse aggregate demand successive gradation, flakiness particle content is not more than 10%. 2, fine aggregates: fine aggregate (sand) has a great influence on the concrete mixture can pump function. Fine aggregate (sand) fineness modulus is preferably 2.3 to 3.2, the choice of a series of graded, during which the particle size of the fine aggregate share of 0.315mm or less should not be less than 15%, the best reach 20%, which Improvement can pump is very important. 3, cement: To avoid mix concrete delivery process occurs in isolation, cement demand to pick the type of water retention, bleeding of small cement, Portland cement and general election usually Portland cement. 4, additives: increase in pumping concrete additives (such as water-reducing agent) or the incorporation of fly ash not only to decrease excess of massive concrete hydration heat favorable, but also to improve the sticky plastic concrete and water retention, for pumping there is a great help. Explain about the concrete pump piping is how to design the  1. concrete pump, should be based on engineering and construction works to properties, concrete pouring plan to stop piping. Should shrink pipeline length, orphan elbow and hose. Laying concrete pump construction Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Boom should ensure safe, easy to wash pipes, eliminate problems and mounting maintenance. 2. In the unified pipeline, it should apply similar walks diameter concrete pipe; at the same time to apply the new, when an old pipe, a new tube should be deployed at a larger pumping pressure; pipeline should have smooth vertical and horizontal deployment. Should draw piping diagrams, lists all kinds of pipe fittings, pipe adapter ring, pipe and other specifications and the number of spare parts list proposed. 3. concrete pump should be based on the maximum grain size of coarse aggregate, concrete pump model, concrete inputs and walks interval, as well as transport and other difficulty levels stop selection. Walks tube should have pumped presuppositions conform strength. We should use no cracks, no damage and no low bending pipe. Walks tube discussion should closely, there is sufficient strength and capable of rapid assembly and disassembly. Common concrete walks pipe specifications, should fit D in Table D-1 and Table D-2 Request Appendix, and should have factory certification. 4. When the vertical pipe, air pipe length less than the degree of vertical pipe up a quarter of the length, and not less than 15M; or products abide by the rules in the instruction sheet. In the V-shaped tube concrete pump discharge port 3 to walks tube should be set at the root of 6M stop valve to prevent mix concrete debris reflux. 5. pumping construction public structures, underground horizontal tube axis and V-shaped tube should discharge opening perpendicular to the axis. 6. tilted downward piping exhaust valve should be located in the upper end of the inclined tube; when the height is greater than 20M, 5 times the height level should be set the length of the tube in the lower end of the chute; defined as the premise may increase bends or ring pipe, meet five times height length requirements. Concrete pump slump loss rate as well as the slump measurement approach 1. Effect of additives. Participate in admixture concrete pump usually superplasticizer, but superplasticizer and cement have compatibility problems, some cement can not manufacture low water-cement ratio of high fluidity concrete. 2. Effect of Temperature on the slump loss. Temperatures, while cement hydration reaction accelerated slump loss increases, on the other hand, incurred after evaporation temperature of water increases, it will lead to the loss of slump.          Thus, when the temperature is high summer construction, except with wet straw bags and other concealed pipes, to prevent the sun shining outside, it can increase concrete slump. Concrete pump in slump measurement approach: Slump test: use a catchy 100mm, under the port 200mm, 300mm high trumpet-shaped slump barrel, poured concrete after tamping, then pull up the bucket, concrete slump occurred due to weight representation, with bucket high concrete placing booms for sale (300mm) minus the height of concrete slump highest point, called the slump. If the difference is 10mm, the slump was 10. Slump concrete section should be based on the layout of the building, steel content, delivery interval, casting methods, delivery methods, vibration and climatic conditions to the resolution, should be summarized in selected cooperative than think, and should use a smaller The slump.

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